2014 Ford Escape Titanium AWD Review Video

By James Hamel on June 3, 2015


2014 Ford Escape Titanium AWD Review Video

by James Hamel

The first thing we noticed about our 2014 Ford Escape that we tested for a week was that it was actually strikingly handsome especially in the Deep Impact Blue exterior paint job ours was wearing. This is rarely something we say about compact, utilitarian family SUVs but the 2014 Ford Escape looks downright sexy. And to our way of thinking, there is also little else sexier than a compact SUV that can also seriously haul ass.

Thanks to the 2.0 liter 240 horsepower/270 lb. feet of torque ECOBOOST 4-cylinder that came with our test model, the 2014 Ford Escape comes with more than enough power to shame any bored RAV4, CR-V or Rogue owner into trading in their ride. Yes, we enjoyed the 2014 Ford Escape Titanium all-wheel drive that much. And we think you will too.

Why This Ride?

* The 2.0 liter ECOBOOST engine is a powerful force of nature
* Sound quality from the optional Sony Audio System is better than those in many luxury cars
* The exterior is stylish, handsome and sexy from all angles
* The interior is nicely appointed with high quality fittings and has a very unique yet functional dash
* Plenty of interior room for passengers and cargo

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