2014 Ford Econoline E-350 Van

By whythisride on June 3, 2015

2014 Ford Econoline E-350 Van Review – by MaryAnne Wendt

Our 8-seater SUV just didn’t have enough room to provide transpiration to our daughter Marissa’s 12th birthday party at the beach. What was our solution? Rent a 12-passenger van! This way, we were able to load up all of Marissa’s friends into one vehicle into our very own party bus! The journey was almost as much fun as the destination! We had the girls meet in our parking lot and decorate the windows with washable window paint pens before we left. What fun! Meanwhile, Jim was at the beach creating the perfect atmosphere for the girls to enjoy and spend the afternoon together. The party was held at Balboa Beach in Newport at the fire pits. When we arrived, the cabana was loaded with sweets, chips, drinks, and makings for s’mores at sunset. Everything was perfect!

How was the Ford Econoline E-350 van? I was surprised how easy it was to drive. For a big vehicle, it felt like I was driving my SUV. The reverse cam gave me confidence when backing up in the parking lot. Visibility is great with all the side windows and the big side mirrors help too. We plugged in my iPhone with the AUX input so the girls could hear their favorite songs on the way to the beach. Everyone had a blast! I wish I owned a van this large for special events.

If you wanted to purchase a van like this, starting MSRP is around $33,000. Or just rent one for about $100/day.

Why This Ride?

– plenty of space for passengers

– easy to drive

– rear view camera for safety


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