Red List Series #2 with Jesse Iwuji at Famoso Raceway – Video

Red List Series #2 with Jesse Iwuji at Famoso Raceway – Video

The Red List Series #2: 1320 Nights – At Famoso Raceway in Bakersfield, CA on 22Aug2015 where street, airstrip, and drag racers compete for the trophy and cash prize. Hosted by Jesse Iwuji, Founder and Director of The Red List Group. Next race The Red List Series #3 is on 12DEC15. Who’s in? For more info:

red list winners


1. John Harris/74 ’63 Dodge 330 Wagon / 550HP
2. Mike Bolding/68 ’15 Nissan GTR / 575 WHP
3. Brad Kidd/40 ’89 Chevy IROC Z28 “The Beaver Punisher” / 447 RWHP
4. Alexander Esparza Net/38 ’05 Turbo GMC Sierra / 800-900 WHP
5. Lance Cowling/37 ’15 Chevy Camaro ZL1 / 650 RWHP
6. Javier Hernandez/32 ’04 Chevy Silverado / 882 RWHP
7. Tron Elliot/29 ’68 Plymouth Cuda / 600 RWHP
8. Gary Peters/29 ’15 Dodge Challenger Hellcat / 707HP
9. Jim Jewett/29 ’62 Ford Falcon
10. Josh Tyack/27 ’01 Ford Mustang Cobra / 550 RWHP

Congratulations to John Harris in his 1963 Dodge 330 Wagon on winning First Place!



We had a blast shooting this incredible event. Stay tuned for some exciting photos!

WTR Crew in attendance:
MaryAnne Wendt – video editor
Jim Wendt – videographer/photographer
Adam Fredricks – GoPro video
Joey Lyons – photographer

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