2015 Honda Fit

By James Hamel on June 3, 2015


2015 Honda Fit Review 

by James Hamel


First Impressions

With each successive generation of Honda Fit, this subcompact hatch has revolutionized its market segment with class leading levels of space efficiency, value of that indescribably fun to drive Honda pizazz found in so many of the brand’s small car offerings over the years. Now, with the introduction of the all-new 2015 Honda Fit it appears that all of the competitors that appeared to be catching up with this small, fuel efficient icon have been put on notice that they seriously need to up their game. We are talking to you Nissan Versa Note, Mazda2, Ford Fiesta and Chevy Sonic. And those four are currently the best in class right behind the Fit!

From the moment we laid eyes on our 2014 alabaster silver metallic Honda Fit, we could see that this was no ordinary subcompact penalty box. The look is both grown up and futuristic whereas the interior is a true feast for the senses. Where in other competitors you make do with hard, scratchy plastics and uninspired design the 2015 Honda Fit EX-L boasts a dashboard covered in soft touch plastics and attractive chrome effect accents surrounding the air vents and climate control knobs. The leather seats in our tester were of such high quality they would not have looked out of place in an Acura.

A large 7-inch screen mounted high and in plain sight of the driver controls all phone/audio/navigation and infotainment functions as well as serving as the display for the back-up camera and right Side View Assist camera that ensures nothing disappears into the car’s right side blind spot. Not that it really has one given the airy windows. The car also came with a power moonroof, handsome alloy wheels, heated front seats, Bluetooth, power everything all for a total of $19,800. The more basic LX trim starts at just $15,525. EPA fuel economy estimates are 29 city/37 highway and we averaged 34 miles per gallon during a week of test driving.

But our favorite feature had to be the fact that via the HDMI input at the base of the dash we could use that 7-inch dash screen to watch old episodes of “Glee” that we had downloaded onto our iPhone. Not that we sat in the 2015 Honda Fit for hours at a time watching old “Glee” episodes or anything but given this amazing little car’s maximum 52.7 cubic feet of cargo room with the rear seats folded flat, we easily could have laid down in the back while having a multi-episode viewing marathon. But we totally never did that.

Driving and Living with the 2015 Honda Fit Every Day

We here at WhyThisRide.com do care about styling and interior appointments but mainly we love to drive. The whole experience behind the wheel is why we pick our own personal rides so we figure we should tell you what the 2015 Honda Fit EX-L is like to drive. Our tester was equipped with the standard 1.5 liter 130 horsepower/114 lb feet of torque 4-cylinder VTEC engine mated to the CVT (continuously variable transmission) automatic which is mandatory when you buy an EX-L variant. A six-speed manual is available on LX and EX trims.

Now, we have never liked CVT automatics in any small cars with small engines but the unit in the 2015 Honda Fit what with its special sport mode and steering wheel paddle shifters was a true revelation. This gearbox was responsive and always got the most out of this free-revving and willing motor. Also, when we put the transmission into sport mode and used the paddle shifter this little Honda let us keep the motor spinning at redline without deciding to upshift on its own which we find very annoying. If we want to drive like hooligans, let us please. And the 2015 Honda Fit most definitely lets you drive like a hooligan.

The engine makes a delicious noise when revved as well but quiets to a serene hush at freeway speeds when cruising. The Fit is rougher over bumps and road irregularities than an Accord but that is only because you must remember that this is still a very small hatchback with a short wheelbase. Apparently Honda hasn’t quite figured out how to alter the laws of physics, science and mathematics entirely. But clearly they are getting close because not only is the Fit fuel efficient, affordable, stylish and insanely roomy but it is also a hoot and a half to drive.

WHY Should you pick THIS 2015 Honda Fit as your next RIDE? 

* The Fit is zippy, nimble and fun to drive like Civic models from years ago

* The enormously huge cargo area and overall utility of the interior

* The interior quality is undeniably two generations ahead of competitors costing just as much

* The exterior design is like the Transformers meets Japanese Origami and it works

* It’s a Honda so it probably won’t break and definitely won’t depreciate quickly

What do you like about the Honda Fit? Leave your review here and comment.

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