GMG Racing Open House 2015

GMG Racing Open House 2015

Event: GMG Racing’s Annual Open House

Date: February 28, 2015

Where: 3210 South Shannon Street, Santa Ana, CA 92704

We stopped by to visit GMG Racing for their Annual Open House. This cliche might be overused, but really… I felt like a kid in a candy store! What car enthusiast wouldn’t enjoy a day of being surrounded by suped up works of art? Holy moly. My BP went up as soon as we walked in. I’m sure you can relate. Your heart races as the adrenaline kicks in from excitement. You know. If you love high performance cars as much as we do, I know you know! GMG tuned street cars from Porsche, Audi, Ferrari, BMW, Lamborghini and McLaren just to name a few were all lined up for our viewing pleasure. Their 30,000 square foot facility was converted into an amazing showroom of sexy. We had the opportunity to say hello to Fabryce Kutyba, Vice President of GMG Racing and he showed us his latest projects. Mind. Blown.

For more information about this event and GMG Racing, visit their website:

Here are a few photos from the event. Click to enlarge! (Photos by Jim Wendt)


This 2006 Ford GT Merkury 4 looked amazing from every angle and has 725 rwhp at 19lbs of boost on 91 octane fuel. (source: I can see Mr. Orange & Silver challenging a 2013 ZR1 Corvette on the track! Wouldn’t that be a sweet scene?


The guys with Ceramic Pro showed off their coating that is impervious to stone chips and light scratches. They utilize cutting edge technology based on ceramic molecular compounds (nano ceramics), resulting in a mirror-licous reflection. You can see us on the hood of this black Ferrari! For more info, visit


Great to meet Peter Diebitsch, CEO & Founder of Ceramic Pro!

GMG-racing-open-house-carbon-fiber-audi-R8-LMS-GT3-R16-maryanne-wendtWe saw this carbon fiber beauty in person: The first and only Audi R8 LMS GT3 R16 in North America. It weighs 2,800 pounds and has an aluminum frame with lots of carbon fiber all over its sexy bod.

Check out GMG’s YouTube clip to see and {{ hear }} this beast in action on the track:


Once I sat in this McLaren, I. Did. Not. Want. To. Get. Out.


Would you want to get out after sitting in this insanely gorgeous McLaren?

Lambo Huracan LP 610

Lambo Huracan LP 610

Matte black Lamborghini Huracan LP 610. ‘Nuff said.


Thanks GMG – Can’t wait for the next GMG Racing Open House. See you next year!!




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