Lincoln Continental Concept With First Class 30-way Seats and Massage

Lincoln Continental Concept With First Class 30-way Seats and Massage

According to my MileIQ app on my iPhone, as of today (August 28) I have driven 2,156 miles this month! I drive from Orange County to Los Angeles, a LOT. Our 13-year old daughter Marissa loves acting and has auditions in Burbank, Hollywood, Santa Monica, Glendale and many other far away places. All that driving I do takes a toll on my spine, shoulders and neck. I’m so wiped out after a long drive and it takes me a day to recover.

Lincoln has solved the problem of exhausted commuters with back pain. Their seat engineers have studied first class seats and private airplane seats for possible applications. The result: Lincoln Continental Concept vehicle with 30-way seats and massage!


“Metropolitan areas like Los Angeles consistently face traffic congestion, and prolonged sitting can create postural misalignment that directly affects your wellness,” said Jeannette von Johnsbach, founder of the Andreas Method® and wellness expert for Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills.

The fully adjustable seats with massage functions in the back and cushion provide a rolling-pattern massage which is designed to help reduce muscle fatigue, aches and pains by keeping muscles and blood vessels stimulated in the legs and lower back. Now I know why I’m completely exhausted after every long drive. This would be so helpful in the recovery time after a long commute. The seats can also be heated and cooled.

After a long drive to your vacation destination it would be nice to arrive already de-stressed and ready for relaxation and fun!  –MaryAnne Wendt


Here are the 30 adjustments:


Number of Ways





Head restraint


Upper back bolster support


Cushion extension

4 (two movements on each side)

Thigh support

4 (two movements on each side)



Bolster (back)


Bolster (cushion)



Lincoln Continental Concept Images:

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Source: The Lincoln Motor Company Press Release, August 18, 2015
Photos courtesy of Lincoln


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  1. How does this compare to the Volvo XC90? This might have the interior beat.


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