Cadillac Presents “Ari Gold is Back” with Entourage Creator Doug Ellin

Cadillac Presents “Ari Gold is Back” with Entourage Creator Doug Ellin

Event: Cadillac Presents “Ari Gold is Back” with Entourage Creator Doug Ellin

Location: Spago, Beverly Hills

Last night Jim and I put on something fancy and took our Cadillac CTS-4 coupe for a drive to Beverly Hills to attend an event. Why is it, that when we are in fancy clothes going to a fancy place I want to say “dahh-ling” at the end of every sentence? Kidding, not kidding… So where and what was this posh event? Cadillac was presenting a short film called “Ari Gold is Back” with the Entourage creator Doug Ellin! Of course, Ari is driving a sweet ass Cadillac in the movie. The event was held at the famous Spago Restaurant in Beverly Hills. The room was elegantly decorated and filled with auto industry professionals, movie executives, actors and models. Champagne was flowing, and the most incredible tiny but mighty tasty tray passed hor d’oeuvres were offered by polished servers. We even had our own personal French server  who wouldn’t let my champagne level fall below two thirds full. I kept putting my hand out to gesture “no thank you” but he didn’t seem to understand what “light weight” meant. (Yes, I’m a light weight.)

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There’s even a book written by Ari Gold called “The Gold Standard: Rules to Rule By” and it looks hilarious! Rule #1: You don’t have any power until you have all the power. Many other great tips are in the book if you are interested in taking over Hollywood.

IMG_0003_2The long awaited Entourage Movie is launching June 3rd. We can’t wait to see it! I love the whole story, all the characters, and especially the hot shot Hollywood agent Ari, played by Jeremy Piven. (I have been a fan of his since “Grosse Pointe Blank” in 1997.) It was awesome to meet Doug Ellin, who presented the 3-minute short film “Ari Gold is Back” featuring Ari driving a gorgeous Cadillac.


Entourage Creator, Doug Ellin

Thank you, Cadillac for an incredible evening!

-MaryAnne Wendt


Here’s the short film “Ari Gold is Back” – enjoy!

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