Arison Knapp

Arison’s story began in rapidly evolving Seattle, Washington in the 1980’s. From a young age he gained his automotive experience working in the family business; our nation’s first and oldest personal automotive consulting and buyer’s service, AutoAdvisor Inc. Throughout working as a research car consultant he built a foundation of learning people and how cars can fit with their lives. That is his strong suit, the human to car interface. Over the last decade he harnessed his voice contributing to small print and national online news outlets reviewing cars. Today, his automotive passion has sprung into the love of all things involving motion from shoes to drones. He is an active member of the Motor Press Guild and is ready to share his expertise with WhyThisRide.

2015 Cadillac ATS Coupe

  2015 Cadillac ATS Coupe Luxury 2.0T Manual Review by Arison Knapp Intro There has been a power shift at Cadillac. You can feel the change from upper management to the cars and even to the new PR staff names to be found at the redone 2015 full-featured media site. General Motor’s repositioning of brands took first-class crafting over time. Currently Cadillac conveys clear demarcations betwee...[Read More]

2015 Nissan Altima

  2015 Nissan Altima 2.5 SL Sedan Review by Arison Knapp Intro Each year Nissan shows how progressive and ambitious they are as a full-line automobile manufacturer. Years ago they envisioned themselves as an auto industry titan bringing unique and original vehicles first to market and now they do. We see that integrity in the world’s first mass-produced electric car the Leaf, ultra-optimized ...[Read More]

2015 BMW 228i

  2015 BMW 2 Series Coupe Review by Arison Knapp Intro The relatively new prestigious and practical premium sub-compact segment has been getting more competitive each year. The segment offers personality, efficiency, speed and comfort in a small package at an economical value. Auto manufacturers are showing us smaller can be just as luxurious and satisfying as larger. BMW has done exactly tha...[Read More]

GM’s Bolt EV Approved for Production

GM’s Bolt EV Approved for Production by Arison Knapp General Motors announced at the Chicago Auto Show the Chevrolet Bolt Electric Vehicle (EV) concept car has been approved for production. The Bolt EV released at North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit last month is a 200 mile range all-electric five-door hatchback passenger car. Although the production model won’t look as sexy ...[Read More]